Problems setting up VPN using comprehensive instructions

I am trying to follow and understand the VPN setup instructions on the wiki the comprehensive VPN setup and am running into a problem. I have followed the instructions and am understanding everything for the most part but when I try to generate the CA CRL I get an error.

./index No such file or directory
unable to open './index'

The index file was created and is in the /etc/ssl directory. I am not sure why it can not see it. Could there possibly be a typo in my openssl.cnf file causing this error?

Have you checked?

Those instructions are for an OpenVPN server, if that's what you intend.

These instructions might be more understandable...

Otherwise, these are the instructions for an OpenVPN client...

Yes I am trying to create an OpenVPN server on a router running LEDE firmware.

I have checked the openssl.cnf file, but since I am new and trying to learn I don't know what to look for or exactly what it should be other than some google searches. And there is a lot of old information that I have found that isn't very helpful. I don't know what could be causing the file not found error or know where or what to look for (that's what I am asking help on).

I have tried that other guide, but I was unsuccessful getting that to work. I was not able to create a connection with the server. My client would attempt to talk to the server but I never got any responses. I suspected something was wrong with the firewall or something in my setup, but since I had no clue what I was doing I decided to start over with the other guide and attempt to understand what I was doing.

See this sample openssl.cnf file...

Post any error messages you are getting.

Thank you for that link I will look at it and try it out if I get stuck after my latest findings I just did a second ago. I discovered in the .cnf file the directory links were broken and changed them to this:

dir = .
cnf = /etc/ssl/openssl.cnf

database = /etc/ssl/index #$dir\index
RANDFILE = /etc/ssl/rand #$dir\rand
serial = /etc/ssl/serial #$dir\serial

crldir = /etc/ssl/crl #$dir\crl
crlnumber = /etc/ssl/crl/crlnumber #$crldir\crlnumber

They were what is after the comment token. I am making some more progress after this change. I don't know why the . reference for dir did not work. I am not familiar enough with the syntax yet to understand.

Backslashes \ should be forward slashes / in Linux.

You are mixing them together.

See the sample file.

Thanks! I can't tell you how many times I mix those up, you would think I would learn.