Problems Installing OpenWrt on Ubiquiti AP AC PRO


today I got my Ubiquiti AP AC PRO and I began trying to install OpenWRT on it. I tried it as described here usind mtd.

I tried to downgrade the firmware to 3.7.58 as recommended, but I wasnt able to connect via SSH, I always got a timeout error.

Then I wanted to try using U-Boot with serial console, but I didnt know how to do it. Which button should I press to interrpupt autoboot?

After that I tried TFPT/PumpKIN, but I also got timeout erros there too.

At last I tried to downgrade using the official UniFi Controller via "Manage Device" -> "Custom Upgrade". I entered the URL for 3.7.58 and it started, but after some minutes the device tried "Adopting" several times and then stopped trying. Then I tried to do the same with the newest firmware, but its adopting since then too.

Im a bit overwhelmed by the guide because it seems that i have to know how to change my IP Adress to static, establish a SSH Connection or interrupt autoboot, but I dont know these things and try to google it.

Can someone maybe explain it a bit more beginner friendly or explain me what I did wrong?


Static IP a Windows PC is well covered elsewhere.

Before changing the PC IP, first download the firmwares you are going to need (Ubiquiti 3.7.58 and OpenWrt) to the PC and disconnect it from all wired or wireless networks. Then connect the Ethernet port to only the UAP through a power injector. Boot up the UAP and use the reset button to reset it to defaults.

Once you have the PC static IP set, the built in CLI SSH in Windows 10 is adequate for this. The two commands you are going to need are:

scp firmwarefilename ubnt@
ssh ubnt@

Execute these in a Command Prompt.

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Hello and thank you very much.

I was able to install OpenWRT! Now Im trying to configure it correctly. I configured Wifi as described in the guide.

I connected the Main Port of the UAP with the POE Port (of the UPOE af) and the LAN Port (of the UPOE af) a LAN Port of my with my Router, the one whic is normally connected to my PC.

But when I connect to the Wifi I can see that my UAP doesnt have acces to the Internet?

Under Network -> Interfaces LAN is green and has an IPv4 and IPv6 Adress, but WAN and WAN6 are red and dont have IP Adresses. Did I connect something wrong or need to change some settings?


Congratulations! :slight_smile:

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