Problems in using 802.11ad wireless card in Mikrotik wAP60g

Hi all, I bought some devices Mikrotik wAP 60g ( and I tried to install OpenWrt following this

I installed OpenWrt but I can't start the device neither as AP nor client. Reading on Internet, the problem should be due to an incompatibility between the firmware and the new hardware board used by Mikrotik, which is "Sparrow Plus D0".

Does anyone some hint or news? Do you know how to use OpenWrt on the devices with this hardware?

This device seem unsupported officially. Have you asked the creator of the firmware?

Why you say the device seems to be unsupported? Yes I have, I asked Qualcomm but they didn't answer.

Because it's not listed in the Table of Hardware.

So, you admit the firmware isn't made by OpenWrt; and was created by someone else. :+1:

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