Problem with wifi on 802.11r fast roaming

Good afternoon, I have 2 routers with OpenWrt 21.02.5. configured 802.11r fast roaming. Everything works, but if the main router reboots, then the client remains hanging on the second router, and when the main one is loaded, the Internet does not appear on Wi-Fi. If I turn off Wi-Fi on the phone and turn it on, then it reconnects to the second point (without the Internet). In order for the problem to go away, I need to restart the wi-fi on the second router. How to make it so that the connection is automatically returned when the first router is loaded?

Could you try reproducing the issue with latest stable 22.03 as 21.02 is out of support?

Sounds to me the two 11r devices aren't configured correctly, network wise.

Are both configured as routers ?
With separate internet connections ?
If not, the one without, should be set up as

Maybe this video from the OneMarcFifty helps?
Also check out his other great videos about Openwrt...

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