Problem with UTF-8 when i edit

With debian I edit the file with libreoffice and I find myself after the build with a firmware whose sysupgrade command does not work. I have this file which has 3 characters. ( dot ) in file header
It's not a disaster because from the console I manually edit the file, I remove the 3 dots and it works. Unfortunately this is not permanent.

I have another solution which is to edit the file with windows hexedit to delete the EF BB FF and then copy the and then build. It's weird that if there is a UTF-8 header - EF BB BF - it turns into 3 dots with the build
Which graphics editor to use?

Change settings in libre office?

I don't really know how to do it

try notepad++, if you need to do it in windows ...

thanks for reply

i have used at first time debian libreoffice

the problem is that once edited by libreoffice a header is added
then with vi we don't see the header and we can't delete it

one solution would be to remove libreoffice from the machine!!!

There are plenty of GUI based text editors on linux (e.g. kate or kwrite on KDE, iirc GNOME has gedit, ...), don't use libreoffice for that task.


I found $ dos2unix -r test.xml

But it's annoying that the compilation doesn't support UTF-8 files and there are no errors

The indications in the guide to build a firmware should indicate that nothing should be edited with LibreOffice
I have had this problem for a long time and was asking about what I did wrong while editing files when it was simply due to the header of the file

I installed kate and removed libreoffice...

Probably because no one thought anyone would use LibreOffice for shell script editing.

It's like shooting mosquitoes with a bazooka.

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Yes as use Windows / Office for little txt file while there is Wordpad that exists and that is much faster !!

There at the installation of Debian we have Libre Office installed by default and when we are not a super specialist in Linux we use ...

Any flavour of general purpose linux distributions/ desktop environments should have at least one GUI based plain text editor preinstalled (if not, you will be able to install many different ones). Yes, libreoffice might be sneaky in declaring itself to be the default for *.txt, but you can "open as" the file (right click) and choose a plain text editor.