Problem with raspberry pi 3B+ as wifi extender

Hi there, i'd like to extend my home wifi signal with a raspberry pi 3B+.
i follow this guide:

but the Pi dont work, maybe needs one more adapter wifi in addiction to the onboard?
Someone can help me, thanks


Pi only has 2 ethernet, 1x WLAN and 1x LAN. It can extend your WLAN with only 1 PC (or a switch). As far as I know, all Pi's don't have more than 1 wlan channels to really extend wifi. WDS is not an option on the Pi either?

Question about: "but the Pi dont work": - Can you make a cable connection to Pi and still not work?
First make sure your Pi does work with OpenWrt, otherwise you can not change network config to get all working.

Your Wifi network <-> wlan Pi + LAN Pi <-> PC (or switch).


The PI works perfectly , but i cant connect to a cable/switch because the room where its is has no wired!


Connect your PC with cable to Pi and configure wlan to connect to Wifi. Your extender is ready.


I've connect PC to Pi and configure WLAN and connects to internet, so download the relayd but dont know how to configure the WLAN for extender wifi

If you've configured the wifi, have the Pi internet access now?

Yes, internet works perfectly, if i move the pi from PC to the room the pi it's unreachable, but is it connect to WLAN and internet because i connect to the PI with the new IP on the WLAN

Those two statements contradict each other.

sorry frollic, it's unreachable from the devices that dont find the SSID, but it's reachable with the WLAN IP


As I told earlier, you only have 1 WLAN channel on a Pi, NO multiple (like many routers).
If the Pi connects by WLAN to Internet, there is NO more wifi channel available for WLAN extention, only by the cable (eth) port.
Or the other way around, have a cable to the Pi and use that as wifi extention? (Your network config needs to be turned around also.)

You can NOT relay the wlan! (As it has only 1 channel.)
So installing relayd has NO meaning, and won't be used.

I think you mix up 2 things:
1 - The link you use:
2 - That you can make this with a Raspberry Pi (this can't).

Or if I am mistaken, what exactly do you wanna reach?
You can NOT (and I repeat) NOT extend wifi signal with 1 Pi, only if you have cable to the Pi and use the 1 channel wifi as AP.
Unless you have another wifi router you connect to the Pi, although the router could do that by its own, it has multiple wifi channels, you don't need a Pi.

I hope this get some more overview?


Thanks DG now its clear

Contrary to many other drivers, brcmfmac (afaik, I don't own any devices using it) doesn't support more advanced interface combinations (such as AP+STA, which would be needed for repeating or WDS/ 4addr). This is a firmware/ hardware limitation and not fixable.

Obviously, with a single radio (so without concurrent dual-band wifi and abysmal antennas) and very slow 1x1 throughput, the RPi doesn't lend itself for these tasks anyways, pretty much any cheap entry-level running OpenWrt will run circles around for just about any wireless related task.

so also with a dongle wifi adapter install on the PI i can't obtain a working good wifi extender?


Pi with a USB WIFI dongle could do WIFI extension.
Depending on the USB dongle you use.
Although I would -then- not prefer to use the relay link described earlier, that's more for multiple wlan routers.
Make sure your Pi power supply can deliver enough power for Pi and USB WIFI dongle.
(I've seen temp and power issues on Pi's with 1,5A power supplies and some USB devices.)

Set the onboard wlan as WAN (to the wlan with internet), and the USB dongle as AP (LAN).
No dhcp, let the master wlan do all dhcp, then all clients will be in same subnet.
And the eth0 port of the Pi is then not used (mostly already in LAN).


Why not connect the computer and the pi using ethernet cable, and let the pi act as a wireless client?

The one with experience would ask himself, "is the hardware and software optimized for the task?"

That’s the key.


If you’re going to spend money on the usb dongle, just buy a device meant to be an extender.

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