Problem with postfix in openwrt

Hello there,
I have installed postfix 3.3.0 on an arcadyan arv7519 router running openwrt 18.06.2. The server can send email via sendmail and I can receive emails, too. The problem arrives when I try to acces my e-mail account via Thunderbird, it says that it can´t get logged into the server. I'm using port 25 for SMTP and port 143 for IMAP3. I have tried logging in with SSL certificates and without them and nothing has worked. The maillog file shows this error:
OpenWrt postfix/smtpd[5358]: improper command pipelining after EHLO from xxxxx[XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX]:
OpenWrt postfix/smtpd[5358]: disconnect from xxxxx[XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX]: ehlo=1 quit=1 commands=2
I don't understand what is going on, so can anyone please help me?

If you're getting to that point, most likely the online Postfix resources are what you'll need to consult. I'm guessing Thunderbird is trying to determine parameters for the SMTP connection. You might also look into using the submission port with authentication, so you're not running an open mail relay. You an set it up on port 25, but its a lot easier to split the service and their permissions.

What are you running for your IMAP client?

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