Problem with phone Android 10 connecting as wifi repeater

I installed OpenWrt on TL-MR3420 router. I know it's old but it does it job. I happily used the Connect to client Wi-Fi network to use the phone internet connection with wifi to the router to provide LAN connection to clients with old phones. Unfortunately it doesn't work with all the android 10 phones I have (Huawei P30pro and LG G7Thinq) but only with older phones with android 9 downward. The same phones hotspot can be used with the PC without a problem. BTW, the USB tethering works even win android 10 phones but not the wifi. When I scan the wifi on the router it finds the phone wifi hotspot and it asks the password but then it remains trying to connect for a while and then it shows a timeout. Using the old phones that work I also checked that, when connected to the PC, the security type is WPA2-Personal and that cryptography type is AES the same of the P30pro. So that I might exclude a security mismatch.

Can anybody check it? Thanks

Do you run any MAC filtering on your router device? If so A10 is alternating MAC address automatically. Turn off MAC filtering on router device.

It seems the culcript was the way I named the hotspot on the phone. I solved it by first changing to single name SSID and it worked. I than added spaces in between words and it worked too. I've been unable to reproduce the error and I probably had a character mismatch in the name with several spaces in the SSID that anyhow was undetected by windows but not by openwrt.

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