Problem with package Jool - Version mismatch in 23.05

Package Jool userspace and kmod versions do not match.

On 23.05.3 running on a Belkin RT3200 (MT7622, aarch64_cortex-a53), Jool crashes with this error:

#service jool start
Error: The kernel module returned error 22: Version mismatch. The userspace client's version is,
but the kernel module is
Please update the kernel module.

Indeed the two packages involved do not match:

opkg list | grep jool
jool-tools-netfilter - 4.1.12-1 - Jool is an Open Source SIIT and NAT64 for Linux.  This package provides the userspace control programs for Jool.
kmod-jool-netfilter - 5.15.150+4.1.8-1 - Jool is an Open Source SIIT and NAT64 for Linux.  This package provides the kernel module for Jool with netfilter API Only.

It appears that the 4.1.12-1 userspace tools has been backported throughout all of version 23.05. This will likely prevent any of these builds from working.

Please reportt to github, tagging imvolved

@mk24 did you have a chance to create an issue?

To understand correctly, you are running 23.05.3 on your device and want now to install the latest jool package?

It is authentic display from 23.05.3 - kmod and package mismatch.

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I understood this.

jool was updated to 4.12.1 on the 23.05 branch the other week. My understanding is, that 23.05.3 stays on the version which was available when tagged.

Only 23.05-SNAPSHOT would pickup the newer jool version.

Nope, tagged version kmod does not change but packages do. It must be reported to address more general problem (openvpn among suspects)

Has this been reported or do I need to log into github and do it?

Not reported, yes log in.

Now reported:


Thank you!