Problem with Orange TV

I have OpenWrt in relay mode with exactly this configuration

Run fine with my computers connected in LAN on the repeater but i have a problem with TV Orange Box

1 - live tv channels not working ( first picture )

2 - on the other hand, the channels in replay mode work without any problem ( second picture )

Do you know how this is distributed? Is it using Multicast? Is it requiring VLANs?

Well my guess is they use Multicast. Then you would need to find a way to have L2 level multicast on the repeater. Did you use WDS to make the repeater? Or can you look at Mesh?

If all that not working then need to look at proxy solution

Orange TV certainly requires a VLAN and/or a NAT. It it supposed to be used directely connected on the Livebox. The official orange repeater surely has built-in tweaks that you are not aware of.
You'll need technical informations. I have this scheme from a previous thread: it may use VLAN100

email-me in french if you like.

Orange modem/router (box) are known to be poor on features, and a real pain to configure. Many features or configs and not well documented (who said "on purpose" ?).

see if these help "Connect" TV box directly to ISP modem - #5 by anon69880279

Solved by good friend Ileachi

End of this:

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