Problem with linksys wrt1900acs V2


Im new here, and I bought that new routeur from amazon, it 40% off cause it was a return routeur from customer, the routeur is like brand new. So, I try to connect my laptop to the routeur via RJ45 cable but it was impossible to see the routeur, any of my device see the routeur, I spoke with linksys and finaly the routeur firmware on it is a third party one, and linksys help me with the ip adress of the routeur and we found the wrt open page. SO the firmware is not the linksys one. So I need to reset that firmware, im a beginner and I just need the original firmware to use it. Could you help me?


Well there are two ways to help you. By far the easiest and in my opinion best is to show you how to flash the latest OpenWrt and set it up. Of course we can also show you how to revert to factory firmware but I can't help you with setting that up. Which do you want?

Return the device to Amazon, somebody has modified it, and you don't have to deal with those modifications.

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i prefer the factory firmware for the moment, but now, I follow some insctructions here on the forum with power on/off etc and now I have a white light and one orange flashing.. and now i have access to the when the routeur is wired to tmy laptop BUT.. there is a password and I dont have the password cause i dont know the last owner, i cant believe amazon sold me that... even, there is a clue under the password this is ''MUM'' . and if you asking, yes I try the password under the routeur etc.,... nothing works

thanks and sorry for my english not my first language

Hi mate you should do the thing with the switch again go back to the OPenWrt fermwair and use it. The lynksys fermwair is horse shit. We Will help you to flash the latest build of openwrt.

maybe it would be ok but as i said, I dont have the password for the current configuration...

take a look here, this guy gives you step by step instructions on how to reset your password

Do you know how to use ssh? In windows PuTTY program for example? Once you have PuTTY we can step you through connecting to failsafe mode, flashing the latest openwrt, and then Flashing the latest again to the second partition. At that point you have 100% control with high quality free software

no i have no idea, i would like to access to my routeur but the password block me

It's no problem, but takes a few steps. You will need to get and install putty, and good to get the latest openwrt sysupgrade image as well

ok, thanks guy, i did it, everything is ok

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You can't trust the versions installed by others if you have reset the password etc you should now connect to the router and flash the latest openwrt TWICE which will overwrite both partitions and give you a known good state.

Of if you want the linksys firmware, flash it twice.

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Btw, i ve put the expressvpn firmware on it and they say that is safe and secure and nordvpn told me about my routeur and their VPN:

" First of all, you would have to flash your router with custom firmware.

Your router natively supports only PPTP and L2TP protocols. We do not support these protocols anymore as they are unstable, insecure and outdated."

So my routeur is not safe with vpn..?

I think what they meant is that the Linksys firmware doesn't handle anything but PPTP and L2TP and that those are not supported by NordVPN.

I know nothing about ExpressVPN (But I'd wager it's probably an OpenWrt derived thing) but if you want to use NordVPN with OpenVPN then OpenWrt firmware has OpenVPN and lots of people use it this way.[]=openvpn

If you've been able to flash expressvpn then you should be able to flash OpenWrt:

sha256 sum shown on that page (for validation purposes)

So openwrt is a firmware but not a vpn?
But openwrt is supposed to be very good firmware?

Correct, OpenWrt is an operating system that runs on router hardware and is probably the best available router software for embedded all-in-one router hardware like your WRT1900ACSv2

OpenVPN is a VPN software that runs on many systems including OpenWrt and provides VPN encrypted connections between two systems (such as your router and the NordVPN service)