Problem with Latest Kong Build

The last two Kong builds, 11/29 and 12/12, have a problem with dropped packets, 3%.I had to revert to the last working build 11/23.
Anyone know what was tweaked to cause the problem?

Sorry, I do not find good information about what kong builds are...
What are kong builds?
Is this a fork of OpenWRT?

You should ask the creator of those images.

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I did with the first post. I don't have his email address.

His contact information is available on his website (in German). Though I do recall last hearing that he was/is busy in real life and so may not have time to respond.

That website is not from him, but hosts his files, and yes he is busy in real life :slight_smile:

Way more german than I know, Ich spreche ein bischen. Doesn't matter now. Since the only thread focused on his build has been deleted, it's time to move on to something better supported.
Thanks for the input.


No you didn't.

I was going to inform you; but it seems you're already aware of that thread.

BTW, there's a lot of odd postings and rumors in this forum (and others) about this guy moving over here. It's been noted in other threads that this person hasn't appeared here.

Probably so.

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