Problem with 'LAN' network since upgrade to 22.03

Hi folks,

Since upgrading to 22.03 (from 21.02) I am having multiple problems with the 'LAN' network (i.e. the built in/automatic setup one).

Two major issues:

  1. The interface does not come up properly at boot and resetting the interface (in software) does not fix it, only pulling the physical cable and re-plugging seems to fix it. This was not an issue in 21.02 and I have another interface using the same network card, physical media and switch so I can rule out hardware incompatibility.

  2. Once the interface has been coerced into coming up, the firewall rules are broken and clients on the LAN network cannot access anything outside the LAN network. I have tried resetting interface and restarting firewall but none of these actions fix it.

Nothing relevant in the logs. I'm at a loss where to start debugging this one, but the fact that all my other 4 networks function as expected it seems like there might have been some upgraade script (for nftables?) that has broken the LAN network somehow.

Any ideas?

What HW ? MikroTik ?

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Does this happen with a default 22.02 config?

x86-64 the NIC is an Intel i40e 10GB SFP+ adapter.