Problem with guest WiFi setup using CLI script (bridge device is not created)


I've tried to set up guest WiFi on OpenWRT 21.02.0 according to this guide dated 2021/09/09:

The CLI part goes well but when I check in LuCI the interfaces, the newly created GUEST interface shows an error: "Error: Network device is not present".
The device is set to br-guest, but if I check the devices tab there is no such bridge device.
Why was it not created by the script and what would be the correct way to set up the "br-guest" device?

Seems to be missing a set network.${NET_ID}_dev=device which should be right after the second line which deletes any existing such device.

As for fixing this in LuCI just create a new device of type bridge named br-guest.


Thank you, mk24.
This solved the problem and it seems vgaetera has already updated the wiki page. Thanks :blush:

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