Problem with E1200 v2 Linksys Router

I flashed my Linksys E1200 V2 router with openwrt and found out that it doesnt support wireless. Then I tried to flash back my old firmware and found that it cant be flashed as it was 7.8 mb in size but the available ROM in the router was 7 mb resulting in failure. So I decided to flash E1200 V1 router firmware as it was only 3.8 mb. After flashing it, I couldn't ping my router , it says "destination unreachable". Did I just brick my router? Pls help!

What exact file did you flash? What firmware was on it prior to flashing? How are you connected to the router? What address are you trying to ping?

I had the Openwrt firmware (openwrt-22.03.5-bcm47xx-mips74k-linksys_e1200-v2-squashfs.bin) prior to flashing it with FW_E1200_v1.0.04.001_US_20120307.bin (E1200 v1 firmware). I'm connected to the router by ethernet medium with my PC. I tried to ping which is the default gateway.