Problem with displaying WiFi signal strength in iOS

Hello everyone, I am using openwrt with Orange pi r1 plus lts, behind it are two Xiaomi Mi Router 4A as a dumb-ap, some time ago I had a problem that on ios devices I do not see the signal strength, but instead a paperclips, as if I was connected to wifi directly to another ios device

  • Where exactly you see these "paperclips" appear?
  • Can you provide a screenshot?

Every support page I see say this indicator means your iPhone's Mobile Hotspot is enabled.

How is this related to OpenWrt?

you somehow misinterpreted what you saw in the documentation, this icon means that my iPhone 12 is connected to a Wi-Fi network that is distributed by another iOS device, in the attached screenshot you can see that Internet distribution is turned off on my device. What about OpenWRT? Because I don’t see such a problem anywhere else except at home, at home or at someone’s house, everything is normal. I also previously found a topic with the same problem as mine, but unfortunately I lost the link, I can’t find it

OK, perhaps I'm missing something.

Are you saying that you're connecting to one of these OpenWrt devices via WiFi - the "Asus" SSID in the screeshot?

If so, can you provide more details, configs, etc.?

Actually, I believe that the paperclips also indicate when you are connected to another user's mobile hotspot. This is reinforced by the fact that the iPhone isn't showing a wifi signal strength (curved 'bars') in the upper right hand corner... it is showing a cellular connection (straight vertical bars).

The ASUS wifi shown in the picture is probably not the OpenWrt router in question here... this can be proven immediately by simply unplugging power from the OpenWrt router -- does the ASUS SSID vanish?

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