Problem with DDNS

I do not know what happens that the "Last Update" and "Next Update" option is not enabled.

They are enabled.

"Never" means that the DDNS process has not yet updated your IP. "Verify" means that you need to work with your configs or DDNS provider to fix your authentication issue.

I had to restart the router to the default state and installed the necessary packages. I also correctly configured the service and it worked. But after restart, the same thing appears.

Since you removed the image from post #1, I and others will not be able to assist you. Please do not make material alterations to your posts while seeking assistance for the issue.

If you're still experiencing a DDNS issue, let us know.

  • Then, everything's working, correct?
  • Please describe "same thing." Do you mean the words "Never" and "Verify" appear again?

So is. "Never" and "Verify" continued to appear. I deleted the image because my public IP appeared and on that same day my Internet connection was cut off. To this day I still do not have an Internet connection. I thought that someone who read my topic, took advantage of some bug of my cable modem by not connecting to the Internet.

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Oh my...!

I hope everything gets resolved. I don't even recall seeing the Public IP. As you probably know now, in the future, obscure your identifiable information.

I had only hidden my IP, but it was my domain that directed my IP on that day . I am waiting for the technician of my ISP to come and see what he says.