Problem with custom DNS

Hi , I can't set up custom DNS servers on my OpenWrt router ( 1043N V5 / 18.06.4 ). I need to setup family shield ( OpenDNS ) on my router. My main router use DHCP and the router with OpenWrt have DHCP disabled. I tried to insert the DNS server in the box LAN > " Use custom DNS servers " but its not working. Im missing something ? Thanks.

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Please, show the current configuration:

uci show network; uci show firewall; uci show dhcp

  • Remove LAN DNS servers
  • Place DNS servers in WAN config

It may not work if WAN is down.
This looks like a dumb AP for me.
See that IPv4 gateway setting.

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Its a dump ap btw.

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Disregard my instructions then. If you cannot reach the device, there's another issue you'll have to solve first.

Dumb AP is the worst case candidate for the goal you want to achieve.

It is not impossible to accomplish, but it would require to set up bridge firewall modules, DNS hijacking and a separate VLAN in case of wired clients.

So, there are some reasonable options:

  • Configure DNS and DHCP on the main router.
  • Configure DNS statically on the client devices.
  • Do not use dumb AP and configure OpenWrt as a router.

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