Problem with creating WDS bridge connection

I have strange problem is setting up WDS bridge between two routers. I can connect to internet within router but not on computer or any device connected to it.
Main router/modem: tplink td w8968 v3 official firmware. Connected to ISP via DSL. Setup as AP with psk2 encryption.
Client router: tplink archer c50 installed openwrt stable/development
Setup on client:
One wifi interface in client mode connected to w8968
One wifi interface as AP with psk2 encryption
LAN as static ip with gateway as main router
DHCP disabled on LAN
Firewall disabled
Interface LAN wwan included in LAN
As per documentation
In this case I can connect to internet within router itself but not on any device connected to it. Device connected to client also not getting ip.
Case 2. Client connected via relayd
Configured as per documents
But same problem. I can connect to internet within router but not on connected devices. Devices not getting ip. But if I restart relayd than I can connect to internet on devices but though static ip only. But on every restart I have to restart relayd after reboot.
WDS setup using official firmware on both is working perfectly.

Why are you using relayd if you're using WDS?

I was talking about two different cases.

First I used WDS, same problem.

Then I used relayd as second case, thought it would work as suggested in docs then also same problem

Don't use official firmware on primary router and openwrt on secondary router. either use official on both or lede and/or openwrt on both.

But I can access internet inside client router. It shows connected to main router via wifi. But I can't access internet from any connected device to client. So problem is with client to device connection. Client to main is working.

I can't use openwrt or lede on main router. Since it's a dsl device. Firmware for w8968 is at very alpha state and mainly dsl will not work.

If you're not getting allocated an IP via DHCP from the primary AP then you need to start with the basics and work your way up till you have resolved the problem.
On the client have you bridged the wifi and lan connections?
Give a test device a fixed IP and connect it to the client AP and see if you have Ip connectivity to the main AP and then internet. If not, fix that first. If you have no connectivity with a fixed Ip then DHCP has no chance.

Sir I really appreciate your reply.
But as I already mentioned I have already bridged wifi and LAN connections as per documentation.

If I use WDS as per documents then internet don't even work in client router.

But if I use relayd then internet works in client router and I can access within router itself. But not from device connected to router. Not Even if I try giving static ip to connected device until I restart relayd again.

Update: with latest trunk when I configured all within Lucia without manually editing config files. I don't need to restart relayd but WDS still no go... for IP address I again enabled DHCP server in client router also. And given fixed gateway to my master router. Now this setup seems to work. But documents strictly says to disable DHCP in client.

I think that you are touching more config that actually needed or may be it is something else... Here I have two simple to follow docs to get working both configurations:

Wireless Links using WDS on Atheros:

Routed Client with RelayD and IGMPProxy:

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