Problem with a Linksys E2500 V3

Hi Everyone,

I'm very new in this installing Open-Wrt and I tried to install this in my E2500 V3 because the original software give me some problems like have very slowly loading and sometimes even don't load so I tried, but after the install I can't enter to the router I try with and nothing, try put the ip manually in the configuration of windows and nothing the Router give me a public ip I only have internet If I connect the cable on another slot of LAN in other words the router turn into a Switch I need help please

I also have e2500v3 and have the same problem as yours. My advice is not to install openwrt as the wifi feature doesn't work anyway.

Connect the router only to your PC for initial configuration. It should serve a DHCP address when you are connected to a LAN port. Once logged in, determine which port is logically which, they may not match the labeling on the case.