Problem with 63 Character WiFi Key

I get passwords from here

The problem is: The router won't save the password and it doesn't work when I use complex passwords like the '63 random printable ASCII characters'

On latest trunk for Tplink 4300.

I have to use simple passwords like 'random1234'

Works on LuCI Master (git-18.178.53016-ccbb17d) / OpenWrt SNAPSHOT r7344-6e3c2d757a

It did display a "...nothing to save" error on screen; but accepted the password.

Are you 100% sure you are not saving an ERASE or KILL character sequence in those 63 ASCIIs?

I am just copy & paste the password from that website. It doesn't work (git-18.178.53016-ccbb17d)

I understand; but that didn't answer the question.

Confirm you did not copy/paste an ERASE or KILL sequence.

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Cannot verify the problem. I just tried it on LuCI Master (git-18.179.27825-485e5c9) / OpenWrt SNAPSHOT r7357-4456dd4 in my case the password was:


I copy-pasted it from the site into both the password and password confirmation boxes and hit save. A yellow "Password successfully changed" banner appeared at the top. Afterwards I was able to login using the same password via both SSH and HTTP. You need to be more specific on what is not working.

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I am sorry, I should have mentioned it before.

It is for WiFi 2.4Ghz

AES+CCMP + N + Isolate users

Did not. Thank you.

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So this is for WiFi Key Pasphrase, NOT SYSTEM PASSWORD???

I likewise experience no such issues. I use 63 ASCII character WPA2 passphrases on some backhaul links.

I use: Norton Identity Safe Password Generator.