Problem with 4A gigabit edition firmware Version: 3.2.34

Hi guys,
I have a4 gigabit edition with firmware Version: 3.2.34
But the latest version of Openwrt is not compatible
I tried several times to downgrade with TinyPXE or MIWIFIRepairTool
, it did not downgrade
Do you have any suggestions or solutions?

Maynbe share invasion result?

Here you are :blush:

There two options to provide the files needed for invasion:

  1. Use a local TCP file server runing on random port to provide files in local directory script_tools.
  2. Download needed files from remote github repository. (choose this option only if github is accessable inside router device.)
    Which option do you prefer? (default: 1)1

stok: *********
file provider: local file server

start uploading config file...
start exec command...
local file server is runing on root='script_tools'
Warning: the process has finished, but seems like ssh connection to the router is not working as expected.
*** Maybe your firmware version is not supported, please have a look at**

  • Anyway you can try it with: telnet


Update invasion from git, modern versions acquire stok from the device themselves, but possible that OEM fixed rce bug