Problem to ZBT router WR 8305RT with usb card ALFA AWUS036nhr v2

I purchased a model SC-WE1626 router (actually it's a model WRB305 RT ZBT). The seller has assured me that it is compatible with the USB cards of the ALFA series and respectively the AWUS036H with Realtek RTL 8187L chipset; the AWUS036NH with RL3070 chipset and AWUS036NHR version 2, with Realtek RTL 8188RU chipset.
I specify that these cards have the function of wifi antennas in "Station or client" mode and Interfaced by means of USB socket are powered by the router ZBT WR8305RT, where forwarding the data traffic (in download and upload) allow the latter to perform the function of access point in order to distribute the connection and the network captured by usb card in wifi and lan mode to multiple devices. The USB cards (AWUS036H and AWUS0 36NH) work perfectly because the router has installed the specific "kmod" packages inside. The third card instead (AWUS036NHR v2) turns on very rarely. Subsequently after numerous attempts no longer lights up.
(to exclude one of its personal malfunctions it has been successfully tested alone in station client mode and interfaced with the PC only and with the result that it works perfectly).
The package related to this USB card (AWUS036NHR v2) installed inside the ZBT WR8305 RT router I think it is "Kmod-rtl8xxxu" (size 44560) version 4.4.92 + 2017-01-31-1.
On the notes I read that it is a package of universal drivers for cards with chipsets of the rtl 8188 series, so that it could manifest malfunctions and specifically in the power supply. I would like to know if it is actually a bug in the package and if it has been corrected by the programmer; or any device with an 8188 series RTL chipset associated with the router may experience malfunctions.
I would be grateful if you could help me solve the problem and understand what the problem is.

Check if a "powered hub" possibly solves the issue.

You might need to backup your /etc/config/wireless file and re-create it after using hub

cp /etc/config/wireless /etc/config/wireless.original
rm /etc/config/wireless
wifi detect 

wifi config

Thank you very much for your answer. Unfortunately I think it is not possible to power the AWUS036NHR v2 with a powered hub and interface it with the ZBT WR8305RT router. The USB socket of the router has the function in addition to data transfer, including that of powering the same AWUS036NHR v2, which would inevitably conflict the two power supplies causing a short circuit.
As for the strings to rewrite under linux, I would like to mention that the interface AWUS0036NHR v2 with the router ZBT WR8305 RT and the related wifi LAN that is created does not require interconnection with PC so I would not know how to configure

Nope, no conflict. We are not shorting anything (we are not connecting positive to negative ?) . That is how you add more current for the USB devices.

hello mark, thanks for the reply. Would you say that if I use a powered USB hub (connecting the USB socket of the AWUS036NHR v2 WiFi card to have more amperage) and in turn connecting the hub socket to the USB socket of the ZBT WR8305RT router, there is no power supply conflict? Consider that the USB socket of the router as well as having the function of data transfer, feeds at 5 volts everything that connects it (therefore also the AWUS036NHR v2)

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