Problem, "Restore" previously generated backup. My VPN settings are not working after restore

I want to install and configure several routers with OpenWRT. The problem is that when I have done a "Restore" of previously generated backup the VPN of my router don't work.

I have several Linksys WRT3200ACM routers.
I configured a (Master router) manually with VPN and a number of settings. (This take some time, ... and a long time for me)
When I got everything working of the VPN,
I make a backup (Generate archive).

Then I install exactly the same version of OpenWRT firmware on another Linksys WRT3200ACM.
I then do a "Restore" by a previously generated backup.
I am using the one that I previusly has made from my "Master router".

Then the new (clone or copy router ) router reboots.
But my configurations and my VPN settings is NOT working.
I can access the router but the VPN is not Working.

WHY .... ???
I am doing something wrong but I don't know what is wrong and why.

Please help me.

Are the settings the same? What is in log file?

I always have a newly installed firmware that I did a "Reset to defaults" before doing a "Restore" a previously generated backup.

So I don't understand your question
"Are the settings the same? What is in log file?"

If I do a backup and a restore, then everything should be restored.....
Otherwise, I do not understand the meaning of a backup
and a recovery.

On some devices you will get device specific data (mostly MAC addresses) in your configuration, restoring this on multple devices will cause havoc. Furthermore it's not guaranteed that your exported configuration contains all files necessary for all installed services (e.g. VPN profiles and everything needed for the SSL certificate handling), you will need check that manually and extend sysupgrade.conf accordingly.


After process of restore are the files in /etc/config, /etc/openvpn identical to backed-up ones?

What do you mean with,
"check that manually and extend sysupgrade.conf accordingly."
If you do a lot of software installs and associated configurations. ,

How could you know which programs are missing which configuration files have not been backed up?

How should I make a full backup that works to restore from?

The backup / restore only manages configuration files; if you installed any additional packages on the first router, you must install them on the others too.


The VPN service may not allow multiple clients with duplicate credentials to work simultaneously.

My VPN provider allow 5 multiple clients with duplicate credentials.

I want to know how I can "clone" my first router to 4 similar.
(I have 5 Linksys WRT3200ACM.)

I can't remember which packages and programs I installed when I finished my first installation.

However, want to be able to copy or clone this router to 4 others.

Please help me.

You can try to backup/restore the whole /overlay directory.
However, be ready to perform recovery if something goes wrong.

You can find that easily.

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I do not understand what you mean, "backup/restore the whole /overlay/upper."
I have made a BACKUP and then a RESTORE, and that does not work.

Please explain so that I understand.

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You don't answer my questions concerning files in dirs, so good luck!

  • You haven't noted what VPN software you use
  • You haven't noted if you reinstalled that VPN software
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Nor is it clear if the VPN settings have been backed up altogether. You might need to add the configuration files to /etc/sysupgrade.conf manually.