Problem - Modem --> switch --> OpenWrt = no internet

Hey there!

I tried numerous times always without luck. I am trying to use the WRT 1900ACS as an access point and i have openwrt installed on it.

I use - EPC3928S EuroDocsis 3.0 2-PORT Voice Gateway - which is a default device provided by my internet provider (Telemach, Slovenia), from there the cable goes into the 2nd floor where i have a 4 port switch. From there the cable goes into the AP wannabe.
I have set the starting IP address at to make sure that I would be able to assign to the AP, but it always looses contact and wants me to revert. (I have the device plugged directly in my PC during config). I gave up an left it with the default IP ( and followed the guide on how to set up access point using the LUCI interface (Disable DHCP an all that) and turned on wifi.

After "successfully" setting it up, I plug the AP into my switch and the wifi is there but the internet is not and I cannot access the newly created AP using the default IP ( Both devices (my PC and AP) are connected to the same switch and are on the same local network. The AP is connected via LAN port.

My head will explode, if someone with more knowledge can help me out i'll be eternally grateful.


Try again from beginning. Reset the router to restore openwrt defaults, or temporarily set up a static IP address of say on your PC to regain access to your router at

Do not have anything wired to WAN port when you wish to change the LAN IP address of the openwrt router to Alternatively, if you are a Windows user, use WinSCP to edit the /etc/config/network file to change the LAN IP address.

Did you connect a spare LAN port from your openwrt router to your switch?
Do not use the WAN port.


I did connect the LAN port. I'll try once again from scratch. I haven't thought of the WinSCP, I'll try this one thanks for the tip.