Problem: Keeping Internet When Connecting Eero Mesh

Live in rural area w/ no internet. From LteFix I purchased and I had them build:
Router: WG3526-P
Modem: Sierra EM7565 CAT-12 LTE-A Pro Modem
Mini PCI-E to M.2 (NGFF) Key B Adapter with Top SIM Card Slot – LTE FIX, 1x 5" MHF4 to SMA FBH 1.13mm Antenna Pigtails, 1x 10" MHF4 to SMA FBH 1.13mm Antenna Pigtails
12V 4.0A 48W Power Adapter

Did ipv6 and ttl fix script in custom rules.
Have Verizon Unlimited iPad plan. Performed IMEI magic.

Problem: Have an Eero mesh network I used with a Mofi supplied by internet reseller and would like to continue to use that network. Internet is fine until I connect the Eero. Then I have to unhook the Eero and reboot the modem/router to get internet back.

I am a complete novice and trying my best to get workable internet.

Thanks for any help that can come my way. :slightly_smiling_face:

I suppose the OpenWrt is running on the 3526, right?
Most likely there is a network loop when you connect the Eero to the 3526, hence the loss of internet. Do you see the port leds on the router to blink non stop when you connect the Eero?

You can either connect the 3526 to the WAN port of the Eero system and double NAT, or connect the Eero into the 3526 LAN as a bridge.

In the first case the two IP ranges (3526 LAN and Eero LAN) need to not overlap.

In the second case you need to turn off routing functions in the Eero particularly the DHCP server, so that users get a correct DHCP configuration from the 3526.

Generally you would not run WiFi in the 3526 in either case, and connect all users through Eero.

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Yes, OpenWrt running. The lan port that the Eero is plugged into blinks continually.

You can try to enable stp on the lan interface. However you should be careful not to create any loops when you connect these mesh devices.