Problem installing luci (iwinfo version mismatch)

I got the following error when trying to install luci on x86_64 image on a virtual machine.

Anyways when i run opkg info on the mentioned packages the arch is x86_64 the same arch as the system.
what could be the problem?

From another thread on similar issue, this is the advise @hnyman has given -- wait a day/two and try again.

Alternatively, switch to a release version of OpenWrt to avoid problems like that.

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Iwinfo package version was first bumped up (5th/6th Jan), then reverted (6th), and finally bumped again (6th/7th).

You build and buildbot snapshot downloads have currently mixed versions. You need to wait until a coherent set is again available and noticed for Luci dependencies.

Wait a day, and then "opkg update" to refresh package lists. Possibly you need to reflash, but likely not.

you will need iwinfo version 2021-01-06 (e.g. libiwinfo20210106)
It needs to be first compiled for all targets in the phase1 firmware_image / core package buildbot, and then the SDKs generated in that need to be used in the phase2 packages buildbot for LuCI etc.. Depending on random luck in build order & timings, it may take some hours or even 1-2 days for all correct packages with correct dependencies to get compiled for each target.


It makes sense, the message was not coherent with the true error. I'm gonna try to build against release because i need some prebuilt images and so far i can not use the prebuilt images available in the downloads section. Thanks for your answer guys.

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