Problem installing firmware on TP-Link Archer C7 V1.1, OpenWRT working

Hi, currently I fail to install any of the firmware images provided for Archer C7 V1 on my V1.1 router. This is a topic only related to LEDE as it is no problem to install the latest stable release of OpenWRT or even the trunk version. t doesn't matter if I try to install the factory image on top of the original version or upgrading from OpenWrt. Every time the system is entering a bootloop and is only accessible in failsafe mode.
Is there a way to debug which component in the image is causing this behaviour?

confirming the described bootloop problem on Archer C7 V1.1 using

I confirm it as well. Tried installing "releases/17.01.2/targets/ar71xx/generic/lede-17.01.2-ar71xx-generic-archer-c7-v1-squashfs-factory.bin" om TP-Link Archer C7 v1.1 and ended up in endless reboot loop.

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Did you remove the radio?

I was getting stuck in a boot loop in LEDE, but not in OpenWRT (but Network->Wireless wasn't visible in LuCI). I checked dmesg in OpenWRT and was getting a kernel oops in ath10k_pci. The DD-WRT forums say that the radio needs to be removed for it to work, but it's not necessary for OpenWRT...

I tried removing the radio and everything's working fine - Network->Wireless shows up in OpenWRT, and LEDE isn't stuck in a boot loop.

For me, OpenWRT installed fine but build was missing some components (IP-masq stuff) so everything worked fine but router was not routing (no NAT). LEDE build just bricked the router.'

I never tried removing the radio.

Hi, my Archer c7 v1 is in boot loop after installing "lede-17.01.4-ar71xx-generic-archer-c7-v1-squashfs-sysupgrade"
Anyone can help me to unbrick my device?
I'm reading a lot of post on Tftp, serial etc... but without results.
Thank you.

I am also experiencing this "boot loop" problem when I performed system upgrade using (lede-17.01.4-ar71xx-generic-archer-c7-v1-squashfs-sysupgrade.bin) on my TP-Link Archer C7 V1.1. Any Solution to this problem?

I have Archer C7 V1. I am unable to flash LEDE 17.01.4 or OpenWRT 15.05.1. I have tried both the TP-Link web interface and I have tried the TFTP method. Each time it just bricks my router. However, then I am able to flash back the TP-Link stock firmware. Does anyone have any particular tips that could help? Thanks

There is no driver for the 5GHz network available. So you have to open your router and unplug the card, then it will boot normal. You can replace it with a card from an old notebook.
I apologize for my bad English I'm an Austrian!

please try build with these changes:

follow up on the PR how it works for you. your feedback can help us get it into the main tree

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