Problem getting UCI Firewall to use Local TIme


I have been using the UCI configuration to set some customs rules in my LEDE firewall to limit access to the internet for given times. See below

config rule
option name Kids-iPad-Weekend
option src lan
option dest wan
option src_ip
option proto all
option start_time 22:00:00
option stop_time 07:00:00
option weekdays 'fri sat'
option target DROP

My assumption was this would use Local Time given the utc_time flag is by default set to 0. I even set the flag to 1 ( option utc_time 1) but this did not change the behaviour.

Searching the web I saw this article
which implies that you can not change the behaviour of the firewall to use Local Time. Is this correct, has it been fixed or is there an alternative method.

I have checked that the Local Time is correct - problem occurred moving from GMT to BST. Obviously I can just manually change the times by an hour but would rather learn how to fix this problem for the Autumn!