Problem for installing OpenWrt on ubiquiti powerbeam 5ac 500

Hi !
I m new in this topic, and i have a problem for install openwrt on my new pbe 5ac 500,
i connect to putty with my code and when i have to download file i have this message :

sc openwrt-21.02.3-ath79-generic-ubnt_powerbeam-5ac-500-squashfs-factory.bin: No such file or directory

i put this file on desktop, rawdisk,... and same

if someone can help me please !
Thank you

Run scp on your PC. It will push the file to the router. Then return to the ssh session to flash it.

WIndows 10 has a CLI scp that works from a regular Command Prompt.

hi MK24
My PC run on windows 7
I can make it ?

Third party programs like winscp.

Ok, i have download it and install
what i make now ?

On the remote side of the window (the router), change the directory to /tmp and drop the file there.

It is important to use /tmp as the destination directory as it is a RAM drive and has enough space to hold a firmware image. Trying to copy to a directory that is on flash will overfill the flash.

Okay perfect i have made it ! :slight_smile:

now how i make?

Then go back to the Putty window and continue the installation process using commands on the router.

On the router, ls -l /tmp should show the file there. I think that the stock OS also has sha256sum if you want to confirm the file hash against the one listed on the OpenWrt download page.