Problem flashing OpenWRT on TP-Link MR6400 v1

Hello all,

I've been unsuccessful in flashing OpenWRT on my MR6400 v1. I've followed the instructions in conjunction with a useful YT video

I was using my Win10 machine so everything was pretty much identical to the video. Everything seemed straight forward until it came to the actual installation via tftp. I power up (holding the reset button) but no update occurs. There is no activity from the tftp server and the MR6400 simply reboots.

I saw this on the instructions...

Note: If you have troubles with ethernet negotiation (e.g. you are not even receiving any ARP packets for you can put any dumb switch between your NIC and MR6400 to workaround this.

So stuck a simple hub in between but still no luck. Just to confirm, I have got the 'server interface' set as on tftp.

The only thing I can think that might be an issue is the stock firmware I currently have on the MR6400 is a patched one, provided by TP-LInk, to enable VOIP. I can't see how that might interfere with the flashing process. I could of course flash the latest stock firmware but that risks losing VOIP.

Any assistance would be appreciated.

TL;DW, skimmed the video, did you disable the Windows firewall ?

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Or...allow Public access for the TFTP app.

Firewall, yes, didn't think of that. Sorry, I should have thought of that. I'm not a habitual windows user and only have a Win10 machine 'just in case'! I'll disable it and report back. :slight_smile:

(I'll also check access on tftp app)

there are TFTPds available for other platforms too.

Yes, I thought there might be. I got seduced by the video and being fearful of bricking the modem, decided to go with something that was more of an idiot's guide :laughing:

Yep, firewall it was. My MR6400 is now up and running on OpenWRT! :grin:

Thank you @frollic :+1:

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