Problem flash bin firmware on AP148 (IPQ806x)

This is my first time using LEDE on my AP148 IPQ806x board, I found the following firmware on


How can I flash the .bin firmware into my AP148.

Currently my AP148 is flashed with .img firmware, it has sysupgrade command, but cannot used to flash the .bin firmware, error as below:

root@ap:/tmp# sysupgrade -v openwrt-ipq806x-qcom_ipq8064-ap148-squashfs-nand-sysupgrade.bin 
openwrt-ipq806x-qcom_ipq8064-ap148-squashfs-nand-sysupgrade.bin is not a valid FIT image
Image check 'platform_check_image' failed.

Thank you very much for your sharing!

Is this firmware OpenWRT?

Sysupgrade on another firmware could probally brick your router.

Have you tried simply using the Web GUI (if it has one) to flash the correct factory.bin?

No, .img it is QSDK firmware.

The flash firmware GUI is in fact using sysupgrade command, so both of them are failed.

You can flash factory bin file with uboot, with this instruction: