Problem first setup link sys wrt32x

Hello everyone, I'm new my name is denis and I'm Italian so sorry in advance for the English but I hope you understand, I own a router linksys wrt32x, on which I installed the latest firmware 18.06, now connecting via cable to the router (the wifi of the router has turned off) I can not access the configuration page via, I tried them all I'm sure I'm missing something or something in the installation, but I do not know where to bump my head, please help :frowning:

Try to access OpenWrt via SSH:


Did you install the stable version or a snapshot? Snapshots do not have the web configuration built in. Try using ssh to connect and you can flash a stable version to get LUCI on the web interface


yes via ssh within, but once inside what should I do? how can I have the configuration interface via the web? or restore the original firmware via ssh?


I'm trying to perform the installation of packages offline, as the online procedure always fails when it starts to download packages, being the most comfortable I would do so, I still downloaded all the packages one at a time and I'm trying to install manually offline , without success, inserting the commands via ssh as opkg install PACKAGE_NAME (by copying the name of the package to be installed) the result is always no such file or directory and I do not know how to proceed, if you can make me understand where I'm wrong thanks

Can you paste the output of the following commands here to troubleshoot your problem?
opkg list-installed let's see what's in there.
ip -4 addr ; ip -4 ro ; cat /tmp/resolv* in what state is your network.
netstat -anp | grep http is web server running?

It would be better to copy-paste the output of the commands here, rather than taking photos.

I can see that 2 interfaces have IP in the same subnet. Most likely you connected the WAN port to the modem of your ISP and that creates a conflict. Disconnect the WAN interface and see if you can connect to the web interface, which seems to be running.
When you connect, change the IP address of the LAN interface to, save and apply.
Then try again to connect the WAN port to the router of the ISP.

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You could have just copied and pasted using the </> button (simply highlighting in PuTTY copies text).

I agree with @trendy, it appears you have network IP address conflict between WAN and LAN.

ok now I try, then after resolving the conflict between the ip, I can access the router via via ssh and simultaneously have an internet connection for the automatic download of light packages through a special string?

well, if you renumber the LAN to 192.168.2.x then you should access it at not but otherwise yes.