Problem during sysupgrade


I try to sysupgrade my build as usual, 1x/week but today, it did not find the sysupgrade image;

/media/james/D/Linksys_E8450/master/bin/targets/mediatek/mt7622/linksysE8450-master-r24972-d0bcb496cf-20240202-0722-ubi-sqfs-sysupgrade.itb: No such file or directory
Fri Feb  2 07:35:17 EST 2024 upgrade: Image metadata not present
Fri Feb  2 07:35:17 EST 2024 upgrade: Use sysupgrade -F to override this check when downgrading or flashing tovendor firmware
Invalid image type.
Image check failed.

So I checked into my /tmp/ directory, and don't know why, first time I see that, the image is named sysupgrade.meta instead of .itb as usual, idea?

root@OpenWrt:/tmp# ls
TZ                             extroot                        run
adb_runtime.json               hosts                          shm
adb_sources.json               lib                            state
adblock-Backup                 lock                           sysinfo
banIP-backup                   log                            sysupgrade.meta
cache                          luci-indexcache.4e25d944.json  tmp
collectd.conf                  opkg-lists                     usr
dhcp.leases                    overlay                        wireguard
dnsmasq.d                      resolv.conf
etc                            resolv.conf.d