Problem dnsmasq! (can't configure!)

What part of "there's an adblock package" don't you understand ?

and I don't understand what you mean. Did you read my post correctly? what!? what does that have to do with the post!?

It relates to this, but hey, go ahead and use the wrong tool for the job ...

so, should i use bind again?

Did I say that ?

Speak clearly and not in half terms! I don't speak English, genius!!!!

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You seem to know English figures-of-speech.

  • Use adblock package
  • Adblock can use dnsmasq
  • Information here
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Maybe I explained myself wrong. The dnsmasq configuration doesn't work for me! And adblbock has nothing to do with it! The problem is getting dnsmasq to work as DNS...that's it. The ads have nothing to do with it

It works as DNS by defualt. Try resetting your device.

Maybe kick unbound around, if you're already down the (less desirable) stubby path; should be a cake walk coming from bind.


I've already done this many times...but I can't format every time. I would like to understand the problem.

Since it works by default, I'd suggest checking Internet access.

Other suggestion, don't change the default config (as it works by default).

unbound I read that you can't set "zones"

Everything works. I'm just having difficulty getting it to work "as I say" (the problem of the post). Everything else works fine

Pretty sure that ain't the case. readme

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So I'll try and let you know.

Are you routing anything through the R4s? If it is being used as a server on the LAN, you should connect its existing LAN interface to the home network (like a dumb AP would be) and not use the WAN interface.

how do you test it? from a client connecting pi4, from pi4 itself? from lan network, from wan?

but first you should fix your network:

  • wan is wan not 'another lan port'. if you want pi4 be part of your lan and provide service to your lan client but not use as an ISP facing router configure it as dumb ap (check wiki)
  • if your pi4 is a client to your other router connected via wan port why you define dhcp scope on pi4? it is a client should receive an ip from your main router
  • it is unclear: what do you mean on interface wan/wifi? wifi is usually used within lan. you seem to use these terms differently as usual
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Forgive me, maybe I didn't explain myself well (since I don't speak English). First of all I would like to clarify the key point of this post. Only the DNS doesn't work... but not because of network problems, but because of the messed up configuration found on dnsmasq (among other things, the Luci interface doesn't help at all!). Everything else is working fine including the network...have been using it for almost a year now. Having made this small premise, I'll explain the situation a bit.
The NanoPI R4S has two LAN ports (by convention, one of the ports is called WAN on the case...but it's a lan. Then you decide on openwrt how to use it). So I used them like this. At home I have two networks: a private one with just the switch, and the main home router providing internet connectivity.
I connected the first LAN port of the NanoPI R4S to my private switch, while the other LAN port I connected to my home router.
So I have two networks set up like this (on R4S Openwrt): LAN1 ( - LAN2 (
Now you ask yourself... what do you need the Pi R4S for? Simply for two things:

  • Connect my private network (switch only) to the internet.
  • Use R4S as an advertising blocker ONLY on your home wifi network. But to do this, I necessarily had to create a DHCP server and obviously the DNS (because the router I have is literally shit). The problem was right here. How the heck do you configure dnsmasq DNS on openwrt?

Update: @anomeome I removed that dnsmasq mess and now I'm on unbound. I have to say much better, lighter than dnsmasq and above all it takes advantage of the DNS cache (dnsmasq seemed not to do it before). Now there's just one small problem. When I set (always in my private network) "personal" hostnames for my internal machines, these names are also "resolved" by the wifi, i.e. on the network). How can I split these names on unbound and have them resolve only and exclusively on the private network