Problem DDNS in Raspberry 4

Hi friends, just recently I'm doint some tests with a Raspberry Pi 4 with 2G.

I'm trying to connect DDNS with No-Ip, but I don't know what happend, that works some times.

I have 3 hostnames:
Host 1: Configured with an IP address source:
Host 2: Configured with an IP address source: Interface
Host 3: Configured with an IP address source: Network

  • All of them start with "No data"
  • After a few minutes, Host 1,2 and 3, write in openwrt (This is the IP that I put in No-Ip for check changes)
  • Some minutes later, Host 1, say again "No data" and after write the correct IP WAN.

I saw that the problem is that the Raspberry can't read WAN IP...

144305 ERROR : ip Error: '1'
 144305       : ip: can't find device 'wan'
 144305       : Data detected:
 144305       : 
 144305  WARN : Get local IP via 'interface' failed - retry 1/0 in 60 seconds
 144405       : #> ip -o addr show dev wan scope global >/var/run/ddns/myddns_ipv4.dat 2>/var/run/ddns/myddns_ipv4.err
 144405 ERROR : ip Error: '1'
 144405       : ip: can't find device 'wan'
 144405       : Data detected:
 144405       : 
 144405  WARN : Get local IP via 'interface' failed - retry 2/0 in 60 seconds

Anyone know how I can to do for read the WAN IP, it's possible with a Raspi or only it's possible with a router?


Do you, in fact, have a device named 'wan'?

Please show a screenshot of Network/Interfaces.

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Thank you for your reply rhester72,

Only I have the default interface

In the settings, the interface is on bridge mode, but not any options about WAN.

It's possible to create one?


Kinda confused how you got into this state - based on the screenshot, you've no WAN at all, and the router is set up as effectively a switch (which would certainly explain why you can't set up DDNS!).

When you say 'the interfrace is on bridge mode', are you talking about your OpenWRT router or the upstream device? It might help if you explain your overall network topology.

Of course, only I have the main router and Raspberry Pi.

Main router is connected to WAN, and Raspberry Pi is connected to and one LAN of the router.

Maybe the problem is the Raspberry Pi that is not a Router, and it's not possible to read the WAN IP, it's strange but possible. I have other Raspberry with Raspbian Lite and with no-ip and works perfectly.

I resolved the problem using this configuration, this is not the best option for me, but works.

I'll continue doing some tests, and reply you in a few days.