Problem configuring my TL-MR6400 as range extender

I'm following this tutorial to connect my Tp-link TL-MR6400 v4 to my working wlan and download relayd package:

After that I'll follow this tutorial to configure it as range extender:

I know that i should connect it to the modem with a cable, but at the moment i can't do it.
Following the first tutorial i'm not having issues until i try to execute this command:


To execute this i'm writing:

uci set wireless.@wifi-iface[1].network="wwan"

And it returns me this error:

uci: Invalid argument

I don't know what the problem could be. All the commands used before that worked well.

I'm on snapshot rl6680-f990bddf6f (i presume this is the version, it's my first time with openwrt). If i'm missing some informations, please tell me.

If anyone help me i'll be grateful. Thanks to everyone.

uci -q delete wireless.wwan
uci set wireless.wwan="wifi-iface"
uci set wireless.wwan.device=radio0
uci set wireless.wwan.mode="sta"
uci set"wwan"
uci set wireless.wwan.ssid="SSID_HERE"
uci set wireless.wwan.encryption="psk2"
uci set wireless.wwan.key="WPA_PASS_HERE"
uci commit wireless
wifi reload
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