Problem Compile ZBT WR8305RT

Hello everyone, I am compiling new image files for my ZBT WR8305RT with the latest git code Until here everything perfect, now comes the problem ... I was testing with the code, chaos calmer. The problem arises when selecting target system profile on the make menuconfig command, I can't find the zbt wr8305 rt model so my compilation goes wrong and leds don't work like some functions of my router. thanks

Chaos Calmer is obsolete and unsupported at this time.

I understand that, but the latest version of openwrt is too heavy, so I need to compile a small 3mb image as a test that I have of chaos calmer and thus be able to flash my router from its original firmware to openwrt

Chaos Calmer uses a kernel, 802.11 protocols, and third party firmware versions that are known insecure, with severe, well-known, and actively exploited vulnerabilities. That kernel is not supported by upstream Linux. Chaos Calmer should never be used on any device.

4/32 devices are past their useful end of life.

For hints as to how to build 18.06 or later with under-resourced devices, see

See also See

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thanks @jeff for the information