Privoxy 3.0.32

Privoxy has new stable release:
I also see already 3.0.32 on source ready (25-feb-2021), but not yet announced.
3.0.31 should also be available on current OpenWrt releases. (Are not yet.)
I've adjusted my OpenWrt builds with it and it runs fine (3.0.31).


Just file a pull request against the packages feed and ping its maintainer (there doesn't seem to be a dedicated maintainer, and subsequently no active maintenance for this package anymore) to take a look and (eventually) merge your update.

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While it runs fine, the new privoxy comes with additional features like https inspection, thus luci app for privoxy should be updated too. I'll probably go through latest privoxy sources to see how https inspection works, so far I used e2guardian to filter out ads in https sites. I also have a patch for privoxy that I want to submit upstream that allows privoxy to send a wpad. So clients can be autoconfigured to use privoxy.

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FYI, I have submitted my patch upstream, they consider integrating it. I have updated my privoxy package to 3.0.32 and added ssl support. It can now filter https.

And with my patch it is very easy to use privoxy in transparent mode without the hassle to configure the proxy on each device, but use proxy autoconfigure feature in clients.


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