Private dns server not working properly

hii guys i have adguard home dns server running on my raspberry pi on port 53 so i used option 6 in dhcp settings on lan interface so the dhcp server can give out my dns server to client but only some of the dns request are coming to adguard home not all, once i go to dhcp dns settings and change the dns port to 0 then my dns server works perfectly with all dns request coming to it. but i want dnsmasq to forward all the dns queries to my private dns and i tried doing that by putting my dns server ip to upstream resolvers but still it didnt work. i just want dnsmaq to use forward all queries to my private dns server.

make sure to add an exception for the host running AGH, or you'll create a loop.

you only want to forward the stray ones, trying to escape your LAN.

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confirm the solution di "frollic" is simple ...

and it should work fine in the DSA environment as well

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