Privacy Issue for OpenWRT and Cloudflared


I am an OpenWRT and Docker Container user. Previously, I installed several containers on my own Mini PC. So there were 2 devices, the router and the Mini PC. I accessed one container remotely using Cloudflared. This setup has been in place for a while and everything was working fine.

Now, in the second scenario, I have upgraded my router to OpenWRT X86, and with this device, I can also install Docker Containers. So, I have only one device, which combines the router and Docker Container.

My question is, if I install Cloudflared in the second scenario, can they technically see ALL traffic passing through the router? I am installing Cloudflared only to access one specific container, not for accessing the router and other containers.

I am someone who cares about privacy to a moderate extent. The first scenario was acceptable to me, but for the second scenario, I have doubts. Please provide advice, especially from a privacy perspective.

Thank you very much.