Priortizing packets

Is there a way i can priortize udp packets on my openwrt router
Ile try to explain what i need
I would like to be able to prioratkse my ps4 udp gaming packets
These are the port ranges i wanna priortize on my router
Source 3074 3074 destinatiion 30000 -45000 udp
These are the ports needed for a game i play
So i would like to priortize these ports first over all my other internet traffic

Check the SQM.

Check what in sqm
Please explain
I am using sqm but i dont see anthing for priortize ports

When SQM is configured properly, it recognizes sparse flows like gaming, ping or DNS requests and prioritizes them automatically. Follow the guide, and measure the performance.


When i change sqm settings
Eg from fq codel to cake
Or simple qos to simplest qos
Do i need to reboot as well
or is save and apply ok so it takes affect
as im trying a few diffrent settings and i wanna make sure i am doing it correctly

No, in the GUI, clicking "Save & Apply" will make sure the otl SQM instance is stopped and a new one with the nwe/changed settings is instantiated.

Thank you for the help