Priority on vlan

How can I prioritize a specific device on lede?


Help us understand what you want to prioritize please.

On my vlan I have one asic miner and I would to prioritize this miner more than other devices...maybe with QoS but I did not understand how to use QoS

  • Simply add the IP of the miner
  • Select the port of the miner (as I recall, that's 8333/tcp by default)
  • Give it a priority
  • Save and apply

Is that ok?Screenshot_20180819-070320

If you are referring to the IP, no. Here is an example:


But I highly advise you:

  • Do not select "all" for protocols and ports for this device
  • Use the TCP port used for BTC mining only

Why The miner address on LAN (with static lease) is

That is a display bug for the drop-down, it reads "" in both locations. Use your IP address in both locations.

ok :+1:

I have a lede 17.01, must I upgrade to 18?

You're not required to...but I suggest 18.06.1 for the security updates. You will have to reinstall all user-added packages again.


ps: if I install SQM-QoS (for buffer bloat), I cannot user another QoS package, right?

Did it work on the version you're upgrading?

Yes, I have updated to 18.06 and installed sqm