Printing on Archer C7 w/o kernel module

there are not that many threads about printing, and information on this topic relating to openwrt/LEDE is scarce. The CUPS printing package is not maintained since years ...

I thought it was a smart idea to have the printer connected to the router and access it from all LAN devices. Doesn't seem to be a popular idea.

I am aware of the kmod-usb-printer kernel module. But, my printer is the Kyocera FS 1010 which does not like to be addressed by the kernel. Some time ago I found this thread giving an explanation. I had to remove the printing module from the kernel configuration to get the printer working (using CUPS on my Linux system, with OSX and Win no problem, unfortunately).
In openwrt/LEDE, kmod-usb-printer seems to be mandatory. Is there no alternative?


kmod-usb-printer is listed as a dependency for CUPS. What you want to do is probably possible from the Buildroot environment, where you can manage dependencies in the makefile targets, and manage kernel flags with menuconfig.

So you are saying I need to compile my own image? CUPS is not in the repository any more, where would I getit?