Print server on WNDR3700 v1

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I have OpenWRT Barrier Breaker r34054 installed on my Netgear WNDR3700 v1 and quite happy for many years without any single problem. Now I need to implement print server somehow and just wondering whether is it possible to do inside my router. I've read some success stories about using p910nd on some devices. Could you please tell me whether my router can be used as print server and what firmware version supports that (if any).

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You could upgrade to 18.06

and have a read of this

Most cheap inkjets and laser printers wont work because they need their firmware uploaded during boot otherwise they're just as functional as a computer without a boot drive/device.

Than you for the advice. BTW do you know how to determine whether my printer will work or not? I have cheap laser MFU Brother DCP-1512 :slight_smile:

The printer is compatible with linux so thats good.
I don't think the scanner will work

Easiest way is to actually test, you may need to turn off bidrectional communication.
Looking at the rather old information

It seems like it doesn't need a firmware so it may work but I cannot say for sure.

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