Print Server CUPS not available


We currently have powerful routers with more RAM, such as the Nano R4S (4 GB RAM).
I need more features than the simple P910ND package.

Why is it no longer possible to have the CUPS package available in the list of basic packages?

Do you have an idea how to plan the CUPS package in the list of available packages?


Cups has 2 main functions.

  1. Spooler - feeds the print job to the printer via handshaking. Printers with small amount of RAM need the job sent in smaller chunks.

  2. Cups integrates ppd's. Most applications generate print jobs as PostScript and cups translates your commands for print density, page size, etc. to something your printer understands.

  3. Cups can do accounting. For example to send bills for printing costs.

Most of the time, it is fastest to do most of the above tasks on your most powerful computer and let the router just route the job.

If you really want cups on a router you will have to either build it yourself or run 17.xx

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