Print Accounting for network IP printer

Is there a way to do printer "accounting". I want a way to track who is printing stuff and how much they are printing. Nice to have --- a limit of 20 pages a week per user. My printer is a network IP printer if that makes a difference. I think it has bonjour and some other print protocol.

If it's a network printer, the printouts don't really pass the router ?

Is there away to firewall block everything except OpenWrt access? I.E. Force everyone else to only use a virtual printer, provided by OpenWrt with some printer accounting software?

Q1: Does the printer accounting package even exist?

Q2: Is it possible to do the above firewall trickery?

That would be in the printer settings, but you could put a firewall in front of it.

Share the printer from an Openwrt device.

No idea, but you could at least in theory analyze the print server logs.

Doing rastering/ rendering is a rather resource intensive task, that's not at all well suited for most OpenWrt targets. If you want this, you're probably better suited to disconnect the printer from the network, attach it to an ARM SBC or USFF x86_64 system running a general purpose OS and do your accounting there.