Prevent Network device to get dhcp IP


I have configured the bond interface in my Openwrt Box. But the slave interface eth0&eth1 are getting the DHCP ip still and messing kernel routing table by replacing the default gateway.
I can control the protocol (dhcp, static etc) from /etc/config/network for the interface built upone eth0,eth1. But how to deal with actual device - eth0 and eth1 in the Openwrt?


Perhaps I am not seeing the entire picture here, but you are not supposed to configure the members of a bonding (or bridging) arrangement. You should only attach DHCP clients or servers to the bond (or bridge) interface.

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i did not attach the dhcp client to the bond members, the problem is they or getting the dhcp ip on its own from my available DCP server in the network. i want to stop them , and act like just slave to the bond

Ok sorted out!!
It was "dhcpcd" daemon/service which was running and creating the issue.
So i duisabled it.

thanks :slight_smile:

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