Prevent cron from spamming syslog

Hello all,
I have a crontab entry that looks like this:
* * * * * /usr/bin/wget --quiet &>/dev/null &

The goal is to have an heartbeat signal to my server.

Problem is that my syslog get spammed with messages like this:
Thu Feb 16 12:33:00 2023 cron.err crond[2151]: USER root pid 16186 cmd /usr/bin/wget --quiet &>/dev/null &

it says "cron.err" despite the command been executed successfully.

I also tried rising cronloglevel to 9 in /etc/config/system (based on [OpenWrt Wiki] System configuration /etc/config/system) without any luck.

Any hint?

Thank you!

I was not able to reproduce it. With system.@system[0].cronloglevel='9' this rule doesn't produce any logs. Version 21.02.3

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I've looked into same issue a while ago and remember finding some old threads how it's a side effect of the busybox cron implementation.

I've switched to micrond since. Take notice where it reads its files.