Preserving User Sessions on OpenWrt Access Points After Power Outages

Hello everyone,

I have 30 Access Points (APs) running OpenWrt, with CoovaChilli installed for use with RADIUSdesk for authentication. The network is connected via ZeroTier, which was set up through OpenWISP.

I'm facing a significant issue with preserving user sessions. When there is a power outage and the APs reboot, users are required to re-authenticate, which causes considerable inconvenience.

Is there an effective way to preserve sessions so that re-authentication is not required after a power outage? Any advice or guidance would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance for your help.

UPS whatever keeps track of the sessions.

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Radiusdesk is not OpenWRT, you have to ask them.


Sounds like high frequency of power outages/oscillations. It should be possible then to somewhat circumvent the issue using MAC-auth, too. Depending upon algo of randomizing MAC on clients, to be disabled, may be. Dunno, whether RADIUSdesk has this option. Plain, simple RADIUS+coova can do it, though.

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A Google search for "coova-chilli preserve sessions on reboot" yields this among its results: Keep sessions active on reboot, which seems what you're looking for.